About the BBBBR

What Is the Black Business Bureau of Baton Rouge?

The Black Business Bureau of Baton Rouge (the “BBBBR”) is a voluntary partnership of Black-owned businesses and Black professionals in the Greater Baton Rouge area working together to build a healthy economy for local Black businesses while improving the quality of life in our community. We seek to accomplish these goals by primarily providing a high quality platform for their businesses to be promoted on and an amplified voice in the direction of our community.

Who Are BBBBR Members?

Again, membership is voluntary and not a requirement for inclusion in our business directory. But members of the BBBBR are Black-owned local businesses, organizations, and allied-professionals concerned with the lack of quality presentation for Black-owned businesses in Baton Rouge. We have joined together because together, we can use our collective resources to rectify that issue.

What Are the Objectives of the BBBBR?

The BBBBR keeps these broad objectives in mind as it works to improve the economic conditions Black-owned businesses in the Greater Baton Rouge area face:

  • Help Black-owned businesses in the Greater Baton Rouge area prosper and grow.
  • Increase job opportunities for workers of all backgrounds in Baton Rouge & increase access to contracts for Black-owned businesses
  • Work towards an expansion and development of all economic segments of the Black community in Baton Rouge
  • Contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.
  • Give a unique advantage to traditionally marginalized businesses.